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Cover Reveal for my new crime thriller!

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Cover reveal for the NEW Crane and Anderson crime thriller Rules of the Earth.

Two lost girls

One detective out of control

Is anyone safe?

Published May 2016

Mortal Judgement on 99p/c countdown promo!

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Who can stop the Whisperer before he passes any more mortal judgements?

One night at Reading HM Young Offenders Institute, Jimmy Hill hears the voice of the Whisperer murmuring abuse through his door. The next morning, Jimmy is found hanging in his cell. With the suicide rate starting to rise, prison governor Emma Harrison seems to be the only one who thinks it's an issue. The prison officers are overworked and under-staffed so no one can keep a proper eye on vulnerable prisoners. Meanwhile, Sean Smith is placed in the Remand Wing as he awaits his trial for Unlawful Carnal Knowledge with an under-age girl.

What will happen when the Whisperer catches wind of the rumours starting to spread about Sean being a paedophile? Can Emma bring the Prison Chief onto her side with very little hard evidence? And will she able to stop the Whisperer before any more young men die?

'Mortal Judgement' is a fast-paced British crime thriller, with a sassy female sleuth. From the author of the exciting British crime thriller and No 1 Amazon bestseller, Steps to Heaven.

99p from Amazon.co.uk 99c from Amazon.com

Two FREE Books and Hijack for 99p/c!

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For those of you new to my Sgt Major Crane crime thrillers you can download a copy of the 1st Crane book, Steps to Heaven right here! A soldier kills his family and then commits suicide. Crane tries to put the tragedy out of his mind. It was just a one-off-thing. That is, until it happens again...


 Don’t get mad – get even!

One thing SIB Detective Sgt Billy Williams has learned from his time in the British Army is respect. So he gets really mad when he sees a handful of kids treating his mum and dad and their neighbours without any. Can Billy help with his own brand of vigilante justice? Or do his family just have to make the best of things? Who's Afraid Now is FREE from your local Amazon store until Tuesday 22nd March.


LATEST NEWS!  I'm currently working on the 8th Sgt Major Crane crime thriller, Rules of the Earth. Crane's circumstances have drastically changed, but can he put the horror of his accident behind him and help Anderson find a child killer?

BREAKING NEWS! Hijack is on 99p/c promotion until Friday 25th March on Amazon US and UK http://getbook.at/Hijack




FREE copy of Steps to Heaven

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Grab your FREE copy of my ebook Steps to Heaven!


For Sgt Major Crane, life policing the British Army garrison is going along just as it should.

Until Solomon, a soldier returning from Afghanistan, is found to have murdered his wife and son before committing suicide.

Crane tries to put the tragedy out of his mind. It was just a one-time-thing.

That is, until it happens again..

SOLID PROOF - the NEW Sgt Major Crane crime thriller!

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When Military Police Detective Tom Crane is called out to the scene of the disappearance of army wife Janey Cunningham, his only clue is a red stiletto shoe dropped on the garage floor. In a leafy borough of London, Tyler Wells begins to notice small intrusions into his life - a flower left on his wife's bed, and silent phone calls to his office. Blissfully unaware of his ties to a far darker past, Tyler is thrust blindly to the forefront of a high profile murder investigation that threatens to condemn him to a life of imprisonment. Available HERE from your local Amazon store!

Blockbuster Omnibus

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If you're new to the Sgt Major Crane crime thrillers, then you're in for a treat!


'A Soldier's Honour'

brings together the first three Sgt Major Crane thrillers in one blockbuster omnibus at half the price of buying three seperate novels!

Centered around Aldershot Garrison, Crane is tasked with solving a series of sinister murders... It includes the international bestselling first book in the series Steps to Heaven,the 2nd 40 Days 40 Nights and finally Honour Bound.

Steps to Heaven: a monster preying on the innocent - can Crane get to them in time?

40 Days 40 Nights: an evil presence is threatening the athletes - can Crane keep Team GB safe?

Honour Bound: he's watching, waiting, ready to strike - when a rapist is stalking girls in Aldershot, can Crane keep him away from one of his team?

Save HALF the PRICE of buying three seperate novels!

Available HERE from your local Amazon store.

Endeavour Press publish Emma Harrison Mysteries

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Endeavour Press have published the first two instalments in the Emma Harrison mystery series. Emma is an Assistant Governor at Reading Young Offenders' Institute, who finds out just how many secrets the prison holds. When an escaped prisoner kidnaps her mother, Emma has to help track him down in Past Judgement. Before she can take a breath, an evil prison officer begins to stalk the most vulnerable prisoners, urging them to commit suicide. Can emma catch the Whisperer before any more young men die?

Both books are on Amazon




Cause for Celebration

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There's plenty to celebrate for me this week. I've finished my latest Sgt Major Crane crime thriller, Solid Proof, which is winging its way to my publisher Endeavour Press.

Added to that:

Hijack, the latest Crane thriller is currently on sale for 99c and 99p


Steps to Heaven, the first Crane thriller is currently FREE!!!


Click either link to go to your local Amazon store.

I hope the above offers go some way to saying 'thank you' for buying my books in the past. Oh and if you enjoyed Hijack or Steps to Heaven please leave a review, it would be really appreciated.

Happy reading!

Endeavour Press to publish Hijack and Glass Cutter!

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Endeavour Press are to shortly publish the latest Sgt Major Crane crime thrillers, Hijack and Glass Cutter. As a result these titles will not be available on Amazon for a short period of time in kindle format.

If you are reading through the series and are desperate to read the next instalment, don't worry! Drop me a line and I'll be happy to send you a review copy of either Hijack or Glass Cutter. I can be contacted through my website: http://www.wendycartmell.webs.com or direct by email on: w_cartmell (at) hotmail.com

Work on the 8th Crane crime thriller, Solid Proof is going well and is due to be published by Endeavour Press around October 2015.

Happy reading and thank you so much to all my readers who take the time and trouble to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. It really does make a difference and helps potential buyers make the decision to purchase.

Sgt Major Crane promotions FREE and 99c books

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HIJACK a must reads thriller is FREE! Use this link for your local Amazon store:


TERRIFIED Eight hostages, men, women and children. IMPRISONED Trapped in a train, 100’ above the Yorkshire Dales on a viaduct.

ENDURANCE Do they have what it takes to stay alive? FREE for three days until 22nd March.


REGENERATE is on 99p PROMO from Monday 23rd to Monday 30th March.

In this gripping, devastating and utterly absorbing read a young widow's baby dies with catastrophic repercussions.



Finally the new Sgt Major Crane crime thriller GLASS CUTTER has just been released. A hidden diary is the only clue that Matilda Underwood has ever lived in the house. But when Louise Marshall finds it and starts to read, that's when people start to die...


Happy reading!