Wendy Cartmell  

 Author of the Sgt Major Crane military crime thrillers   

Wendy Cartmell - Author of the Sgt Major Crane Crime Novels

Wendy Cartmell is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller STEPS TO HEAVEN. She lives on the Costa del Sol with three mad dogs and her even madder husband. She inherited her love of reading from her parents and discovered her ability to weave a good story at Reading University, which she attended at the tender age of 40. After several failed attempts at writing in various genres, Sgt Major Crane, a military policeman, knocked on her proverbial door and the rest, as they say, is history. All 8 Crane crime thrillers are published by Endeavour Press, as well as the Emma Harrison mystery trilogy, set in Reading Young Offenders Institution. 

An Afghanistan veteran has murdered his wife and six year old son and then committed suicide. Soon there are similar horrific murders around the country. Crane knows there must be a connection. But what? Crane starts to investigate a local Church. But with the body count rising, events start to take a darker turn ... could the Church be the connection? Is the Church offering salvation? Or is it forcing people to take the first, untimely Steps to Heaven?

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When Military Police Detective Tom Crane is called out to the scene of the disappearance of army wife Janey Cunningham, his only clue is a red stiletto shoe dropped on the garage floor. In a leafy borough of London, Tyler Wells begins to notice small intrusions into his life - a flower left on his wife's bed, and silent phone calls to his office. Blissfully unaware of his ties to a far darker past, Tyler is thrust blindly to the forefront of a high profile murder investigation that threatens to condemn him to a life of imprisonment. Available HERE from your local Amazon store!

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No Mercy - is a crime ever justified? Would you be merciful if it came to it? Or would you take your revenge? In 'No Mercy' Military Police Detective Tom Crane investigates a fire in which a man dies. Was it an accident or something more sinister? A 5,000 word murder mystery, from which Steps to Heaven, the first Sgt Major Crane novel, was born. "Excellent read from a slick pacey writer - leaves you wanting more!" Andrew Butler "Cartmell Rocks!" Ed Benjamin Author