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A Kind of Vanishing by Lesley Thomson

Posted by [email protected] on November 10, 2013 at 5:30 AM

A spellbinding mystery of obsession and guilt, this is also the poignant story of what happens to those left behind when a child vanishes without trace. It is the summer of 1968, the day Senator Robert Kennedy is shot. Two nine-year-old girls are playing hide and seek in the ruins of a deserted village. Alice has discovered a secret about Eleanor Ramsay's mother, and is taunting the other girl. When it is Eleanor's turn to hide, Alice disappears. Years later, an extraordinary turn of events opens up shocking truths for the Ramsay family and all who knew the missing girl (author description).

This is a truly evocative and in the end heart rending story of two families torn apart by the vanishing of a child. To be honest both families are flawed to start with and through a mixture of narration and dialogue the author weaves a story of intense complexity. Whilst being a psychological thriller, it is also an in-depth observation of character, which the author reveals to us in intense detail. It is also a book of two halves – before Alice and after Alice - which reflects the impact the event has on everyone involved. The story raises many questions along the way and races to a stunning conclusion. This is a fascinating, all absorbing read.

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