Wendy Cartmell  

 Author of the Sgt Major Crane military crime thrillers   

Emma Harrison a feisty female assistant governor 

The Emma Harrison mystery crime thriller series set in Reading Young Offenders Prison


The past has a way of catching up with you....
At least it does for Emma Harrison, newly appointed assistant governor for inmate welfare at Reading Young Offender’s Institute and for Leroy Carter, a prisoner who has been convicted of murder.
When the prison van taking Leroy to Dartmoor crashes and he escapes, he’s hell-bent on proving his innocence. Leroy and the original detectives on his case, have to face the past head on. But so does Emma, when a fellow passenger from the train hijack she was a hostage on, three years earlier, walks back into her life.
Can Leroy prove his innocence? And has Emma exorcised the ghosts from her past?
Past Judgment is the start of a new series from best-selling crime thriller and mystery author Wendy Cartmell. It is a spin-off from the Sgt Major Crane novels and features Emma Harrison from Hijack and Sgt Billy Williams of the Special Investigations Branch of the Royal Military Police. 

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Faced with a spate of suicides at Reading HMYOI, Emma Harrison, Assistant Governor for Inmate Welfare, fears that there is something evil pervading the establishment. Can she find the source of that malevolence, before more young men take their own lives?

To succeed, she has to change her attitude to staff and prison officers. As she struggles with her management style, the inmates struggle with their change of circumstances. Has she the strength of character to change? And do the lads have the courage to stand up to the man they call The Whisperer?

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