Wendy Cartmell  

 Author of the Sgt Major Crane military crime thrillers   

The Sgt Major Crane military police detective series

STEPS TO HEAVEN Meet Sergeant Major Crane. A Special Investigations Branch Detective in the British Army, he is the soldier who polices other soldiers. He thinks he has seen every crime known to both war and peace. But nothing has prepared him for the case of Solomon. An Afghanistan veteran he has murdered his wife and six year old son and then committed suicide. Soon there are similar horrific murders around the country. But what is the connection? AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON

40 DAYS 40 NIGHTS Summer 2012. Aldershot Garrison has been overrun by Team GB as they make their final preparations for the Olympic Games. Tasked with babysitting the athletes for the duration of their stay, Sergeant Major Crane has braced himself for an uneventful few weeks. But when the body of a soldier is discovered and supplies start disappearing from the garrison, Crane knows that something sinister is afoot. As a faceless evil infiltrates the Army barracks, Crane sets out to investigate. AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON

HONOUR BOUND Sergeant Major Crane is rarely called in to investigate cases of rape.

A young soldier claims he has been repeatedly attacked but is struggling to make a formal complaint. And a young woman is found raped and murdered in her home. The only clues are witness statements claiming the attacker is a squaddie. But is the killer really a soldier? How does he manage to operate in plain sight? And can Crane catch him before he strikes again? 


CORDON OF LIES When Melanie Green, an army officer's wife, is brutally murdered in the street, it is down to Sergeant Major Crane of the Royal Military Police to track down the killer. As the investigation gets underway, similarities to another murder of a young military wife from ten years ago are brought to light. Unanswered questions linger around the previous case. Why were witnesses' statements retracted? Why was the case never solved? And why is Crane's Commanding Officer so against him reopening the investigation now?   AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON

REGENERATE When Padre Symmonds and his wife Kim find a dead baby on the steps of the Royal Garrison Church, they call Sergeant Major Crane. He suspects Kerry, a recently widowed army wife, who is finding it hard to deal with her husband's recent death...But after searching her flat and checking her baby was safe, he is left with an uncanny feeling that he's missed something. Simultaneously, Crane is expected to deal with a high profile drugs case. But then the unthinkable happens and another baby goes missing in Aldershot. What has he missed? And can he solve the mystery before it's too late? AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON

HIJACK Is today the day they will die? Six hijackers, eight hostages. Will all the hostages make it out alive? The odds aren't good. With a hijacked train marooned 100' above the Yorkshire Dales can British police detective Mike Keane negotiate with the terrorists to get the hostages out alive? Can anyone reason with a psychotic killer? But Sgt Major Crane has a way in - for Sgt Billy Williams is a hostage and is in contact through a hidden mobile phone. Can Crane learn new skills of diplomacy and negotiation and bring the hijack to a safe conclusion? AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON

GLASS CUTTER Waiting, watching, looking for the right moment... and the right victim. A long lost journal found in a house on Aldershot Garrison. Prostitutes killed with a shard of glass. Is the serial killer tied to the Garrison? And can Military Detective Tom Crane find him before he strikes again?